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About Us

After working for a car repair company for nearly a decade, gaining knowledge/experience in the mobile car detailing/paint repair industry, Wilfred Gomez, owner and founder of Cromatch, Inc., embarked on a mission to start his own company. The desire to provide accessible quality services to customers is what drove Wilfred to perfect his ability to reduce the look of exterior cosmetic imperfections, fading scratches, and repairing minor chips, all while matching the paint to the vehicle’s unique paint code.

Cromatch, Inc., established in 2019, prides itself on quality services and customer satisfaction, diminishing the look of minor damages to vehicles such as chips, scratches, paint oxidation due to environmental changes, and other elements. With precision and care, obtaining a clean, consistent, and polished finish has never been more attainable. 

Reduce the look of minor cosmetic exterior damages without breaking the bank.

Our Services


Have to return your Lease? Want to sell it? Or just fade those scratches and chips? We prepare the paint for your car, boat, or even your motorcycle based on your vehicle paint code. Diminishing the appearance of the damage, saving you money and time in the body shop.

Starting at $60


We restore dulled, cloudy, yellowed headlights to make them clear and protected. Up to 1-year guarantee.

Starting at $60


We restore the vehicle’s faded plastic trimming caused by traffic debris, UV rays, and other elements. 

Starting at $45


  1. Hand wash and wax
    Starting at $80
  2. Decontaminate (clay, iron remover)
    Starting at $60
  3. Correct/Polishing, single-stage compound.
    Starting at $110 
  4. Protect (paint sealant, ceramic/graphene coating)
    Starting $220

We come right to you. Easy, Fast, Reliable.

**For ceramic/graphene coatings, paint correction must be performed if the vehicle is not new.

**Occasional maintenance required.

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